Miranda Sykes Miranda Sykes, the acclaimed singer and bassist with 'Show of Hands' is returning to her roots. After a career spanning over 20 years, during which time she has played with many of the top musicians and singers within the folk world, she is touring as she started out: one woman, one bass, and one guitar. Building on the success of her Borrowed Places tour, Miranda Sykes is back with a completely new project: Behind The Wall. Where Borrowed Places opened a window into the past, explaining where she had been, physically & spiritually, Behind The Wall is a Roller Coaster Ride exploring where we are going; Miranda, you, me, all of us. What does it mean to be human today, living in our communities & societies & where will our actions lead us? Powerful and hard-hitting but also poignant & beautiful, this show gives us all a chance to reflect & maybe even empower us.

12th Mar, 8.00pm (Doors 7.30pm)
Wiveliscombe Community Centre, West St, Wiveliscombe, Taunton TA4 2JP
£15/£13 concessions

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Knight & Spiers photo by Elly Lucas
Knight & Spiers "There can be no doubt that both performers are amongst the most, if not the most, talented of their peers. I was probably not the only person to leave the venue in awe at having witnessed something very special" - Fatea Magazine

"Peter Knight and John Spiers are a very special duo. They are both master musicians, each with a long and distinguished history, but there's a special chemistry when they get together. Ancient tunes are transformed by their ability to improvise and constantly surprise, and no two performances are ever the same" - Robin Denselow

On a summer's day in 2016, the organisers of FolkEast Festival masterminded one of the most intriguing and exciting collaborations on today's folk scene. Peter Knight, legendary violinist and ex-member of folk-rock band Steeleye Span was paired with leading melodeon player and ex-Bellowhead member, John Spiers, for a special one-off performance which left audiences in awe. With no space to be found in the marquee, people stood five deep in the pouring rain in order to witness the bringing together of two of the most genuinely gifted musicians in their respective fields.

With a standing ovation and roars for more, and much to the delight of folk fans everywhere, Knight and Spiers decided not to leave things there.

The pairing of violin and melodeon is not a new one, but in the hands of Knight and Spiers, Improvisation and invention meet the listener at every turn. Together they have created a musical document that resonates with history, but also something that should inspire future generations of musicians to engage with Britain's folk dancing heritage, and the beautiful, mysterious tunes that can be found within that heritage.

These uniquely gifted musicians make a sublime pairing, and create a live performance to be remembered for a long time.

This tour heralds the launch of their long awaited second studio album, Both in a Tune.


22nd Mar, 8.00pm (Doors 7.30pm)
St. Andrew's Church, Wiveliscombe TA4 2LR
£18/£16 concessions

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Will Pound - A Day Will Come Acclaimed harmonica and melodeon player Will Pound is embarking on a musical journey across the states of the European Union, to discover and unveil the diversity and common ground of their traditional music and song. From the lively Swedish polska to the upbeat Italian tarantella, the lilt of the Irish jig, to buoyant French bourées, relentless rachenistas from Bulgaria and the rip-roaring Spanish jota – these tunes have travelled, evolved and merged as Europeans have enjoyed freedom of movement and expression, a shining example of the strength and joy in unity.

Together with Polish poet, Bohdan Piasecki, and a live band featuring Jenn Butterworth (Songs of Separation, Kinnaris Quintet), multi-instrumentalist Jude Rees (Jim Moray, RSC, Pilgrims Way), bass player and beatboxer John Parker (Nizlopi) and fiddle player Patsy Reid (Breabach), join Will and be uplifted by the joyous sounds of the traditions of a continent and hear the stories and hopes of those affected by the politics of division.

An accompanying album featuring this new ensemble, alongside a host of guest musicians, will be released in May 2020.

About Will Pound:
Three-times Nominated BBC Radio 2 'Folk Musician of the Year'
Spiral Earth Magazine 'Musician of the Year' 2015
FATEA Magazine 'Instrumentalist of the Year' 2011, 2014

A flat out genius harmonica player Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2 One of the most outstanding instrumentalists in the country today BBC Radio Scotland

About Bohdan Piaseck
Bohdan is able to make his audience laugh and cry within a few minutes Jenna Clake, UoBlogFest

...an authentically delivered set of pieces inspired by memories of childhood, family roots and social change in his motherland. Bohdan goes down a storm in his own right. Rina Vergano, Bristol 24/7

10th May 2022, 8.00pm (Doors 7.30pm)
LOCATION: St. Andrew's Church, Wiveliscombe, TA4 2LR
£18/£16 concessions

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Peter Knight's Gigspanner Big Band "What a fabulous team they make, together producing a startlingly new musical form with few, if any, antecedents. The flights of musical fancy are staggering in their natural invention" - Fatea Magazine

"With the Gigspanner Big Band, Peter Knight has assembled a group of musicians intent on making some of the most important and exhilarating art ever to sit under the banner of folk music" - FRUK

The Gigspanner Big Band are a unique force in British folk music...
Their high-energy, virtuosic performances appeal equally to traditionalists and to those looking for something more experimental, and they have garnered praise from publications as varied as fRoots, The Telegraph and The Wire, where they were described as 'melodically folk-rooted yet open and innovative beyond the constraints of genre'

Beginning life as a trio - with legendary Steeleye Span fiddle player Peter Knight being joined by percussionist Sacha Trochet and guitarist Roger Flack - the line-up has been expanded to form the Gigspanner Big Band, with acclaimed multi-instrumental duo Edgelarks (Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin - BBC Folk Awards 'Best Duo') and Bellowhead co-founder and melodeon player extraordinaire, John Spiers, joining the fray.

As collaborations go, it doesn't get much more mouth-watering than this.
While Peter Knight, as part of Steeleye Span's classic 1970s line-up, helped invent a brand of folk rock that is still influential today, John Spiers, has had an equally profound impact on the landscape of traditional music over the last two decades.

Characterised by riotous inventiveness, technically gifted individual playing and subtle collaborative interaction, this coming together of several of the biggest names on the folk-roots scene, combines a deep knowledge of roots traditions with a ceaselessly boundary pushing approach.

Taking self-penned material along with music rooted in the British Isles and beyond, with the flick of a bow, a finely chosen chord or slip of a beat, they produce richly atmospheric arrangements layered within a wealth of subliminal musical influences "with notes seemingly plucked from the stars and rhythms from the equator" - Spiral Earth

Unsurprisingly, the superlatives have come thick and fast...
"Natural Invention is a stunning achievement - perhaps one of the most sophisticated and enchanting folk albums ever released" - From the Margins

"They don't play together often, but when they do it's spectacular" - 5***** R2 Magazine

"Utterly thrilling"- Northern Soul

"Totally blown away by the spellbinding Gigspanner Big Band. Lost for words..." - Folking.com

"A powerfully vibrant act with one eye on the traditional clock for source material and the other firmly focussed on the improvisational element of the music echoing Jazz, Classical and World music styles" - Irish Music Magazine

21st May, 8.00pm (Doors 7.30pm)
LOCATION: St. Andrew's Church, Wiveliscombe, TA4 2LR
£24/£22 concessions

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